Toledo Area Humane Society

We are ALWAYS collecting items to donate to the Toledo Area Humane Society! Contact us and we will pick up or you can drop off at my office.


Toledo Area Humane Society Wish List


Basic Necessities

Canned cat food (wet)

Cat litter (non clumping)

Canned dog food (wet)

2  quart stainless steel bowls

Dental bones and harvest chews

Meat flavored baby food


Behind the Scenes

Bath towels and blankets

Sandwich size ZipLock bags


Distilled Water

Paper Towels


Animal Enrichment Items

Small/soft cat treats

Small dog bones, including Nylabones

Dog and Cat toys


Kibble Nibble Balls

Fresh Veggies (Pocket Pets)

Baking Soda

35 gallon plastic garbage bags

Disinfecting wipes

New plastic spray bottles

Gas cards (for our cruelty officers)

8.5 x 11 copy paper


Batteries (9 Volt and AAA)


**Also, the dogs would LOVE your almost empty peanut butter jars. Perfect treats to keep them busy!